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Thread: Ninja Pro 68/4500 w/ dye rhino cover

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    Ninja Pro 68/4500 w/ dye rhino cover

    Hey guys,

    Today I'm listing my Ninja Pro 68/4500 w/ 2009 Dye rhino cover. The tank is in great condition. The bottle shows ZERO wear. It has been in the cover its entire life. I bought this last April and only used it for testing last season and then I used it a few times this year. Very little use and I wouldn't mind holding on to it if it doesn't sell. Hydro is 10/13 so it's still good for 3+ years.

    Ninja Pro 68/4500- hydro is 10/13
    Dye rhino cover in great shape
    Ninja thread protector
    Fill nipple cover


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