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Thread: Maxflo? Regulator

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    Maxflo? Regulator

    I think this is a Maxflo regulator. Hasn't been tested, and probably needs a rebuild or something. Looks to be in great condition. $75 shipped or best offer within the US or best offer. Paypal only. Offer up, not sure how to price this thing.
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    Very nice. Haven't seen one with blue accents in a while. And it's good that you have the rail. They're kinda useless without that part.

    I think your price is a little high, though. I had two last year that I sold for $50, but those were tested, rebuilt, and they had both high pressure and low pressure springs. And they had both gauges, with fittings. (You're missing the bottom gauge that shows the output psi.)

    You really should spend the time to rebuild it, if you can. They're easy to take apart, and all the o-rings inside are standard sizes. If you have a local hardware store (Ace, True Value, etc), you should be able to find everything you need in their o-ring section. Or you can buy a complete kit on ebay.

    The big question you need to answer is whether this is a high pressure or low pressure version. If it's high pressure, that's good, since it can be used to RT an Automag. But if it's low pressure, if won't even fire an Automag. So you'll probably have better luck selling on eBay or MCB.

    If all that is too much effort, and if you want to try and sell it as is, then you're going to have to price it very low. Like $25. Because at that point the buyer will be the one taking all the risk and spending his time rebuilding, ordering parts, testing, etc. And if it's not high pressure, then the buyer needs a margin to resell it and recover his investment.

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    I'll take it!
    Have a blue Evolution Autococker in pretty much that color - would match up perfectly...
    We'd need to clarify shipping to Europe (works without issues) for which I would add...
    Please LMK via PM if we can work sth ouy and we can take it from there.

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