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Thread: Unknown barrel

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    Unknown barrel

    This barrel came with an automag I purchased off of ebay back in the early 2000's. I've never used it or been able to identify it. The scuffs near the twist lock show brass underneath the chrome and it has a matte black wrinkled texture wrap on the first half of the barrel. I'm curious about the barrel make more than pricing as it probably is not worth the shipping. Thanks for your help!
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    The fact that it is plated brass and has the black wrinkle paint leads me to believe that it could be a Barrels of America (BOA) barrel. Not sure about the porting...doesn't look like a BOA barrel when looking at the porting.

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    Definitely BOA

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    it's a BOA concealer. It used to have the silencer on the end, but this one's probably broke off. I've seen concealers in good condition go for $50-80. I'd estimate $15-20 at best for it without the suppressor part.

    Yeah, that's right!

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