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Thread: Eclectic collection

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    Eclectic collection

    The electros:

    This Emag was my go to when I stopped playing. I purchased it brand new. It has a few bolt on parts.
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    The Xmag

    This was purchased new by me. It is pictured with stock barrel. I had it warped and on the field only a few times.
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    More to come...

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    Jeet yet ?

    Why'd you stop playing ?

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    Eclectic collection

    Quote Originally Posted by going_home View Post

    Why'd you stop playing ?


    Just a simple change in my priorities. Got married, had children, and a corresponding lack of dispensable income etc... Somehow, I managed to keep my equipment and have added some stuff recently in the hopes I might share the paintball experience with the kids. I also have had the opportunity to catch up on "new" developments in mag. All the stuff I liked about it as a platform is there, plus all the stuff I missed over the years. Old news to most in the community, but exciting to me. Pneumag, custom frames, bodies, rails!
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