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Thread: Gearbag Lot Appraisal R/T Pro, RPG Triton, Raw RT Ule, Ninja SHP, Proto PM6, and more

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    Gearbag Lot Appraisal R/T Pro, RPG Triton, Raw RT Ule, Ninja SHP, Proto PM6, and more

    I'm looking to sell all of my paintball equipment. I bought most of it about 5 years ago thinking I would get back into the sport and build a pneumag but never got around doing it and I most likely never will. If anyone could give me an estimate on what any of these items are worth now it would be much appreciated. I'm more interested in the value of the AGD stuff as I am aware that most of the other stuff isn't worth much.

    Here's a list of what I have:
    R/T Pro - In great shape, it worked great the last time I aired it up
    Proto PM6 - Also in good shape, missing stock barrel comes with WGP two piece
    RPG Triton frame - New never used
    Raw ULE frame RT front with 2 ball detents - New never used
    AGD Fore grip with vertical ASA - New never used
    AKA clamping feedneck for ULE frame - New never used
    RT Pro parts kit - Includes sear assembly, sear axle pin, spring, complete o-rings kit, foams, one ball detent and Oil bottle
    Pneumag kit Partial 2X - Includes MSV2, MPA-3, QE10-FMF Quick exhaust valve, Screw hole plugs, straight connector fittings and air hose
    WGP tickler LPR - In great shape
    CP direct mount on/off - New never used
    Ninja SHP tank - New never used but out of hydro
    Die Rotor loader - In good shape, works great. Has a speedfeed, original lid is broken
    Empire Halo Too loader - Works great
    Freak Stainless back - Good shape
    Freak Teardrop front blue - Good shape, has some scratches on the front
    Freak insert .689
    Spyder Shutter - Not working - probably worthless
    JT Proflex - New never used
    Evil Jersey L - Great shape looks new
    Proto Pant M - Great shape looks new
    Die ATC cleats M 7.5 - Good shape
    Scuba fill station
    Die podpack + pods-
    CO2 Tanks
    Generic JT mask
    VL200 loader
    Drop forward Die
    Flame Drop forward blue

    I appreciate all the help I can get. If anyone of you would like to make me an offer on the whole lot or the AGD stuff lot, I am open to all suggestions.
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    i stink at agd pricing but if you have a number in mind on the pm6, shoot me a pm

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