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Thread: So close to done!

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    So close to done!

    Finally decided to open the wallet and finish buying my parts to make my Z2P sleeper a working machine. I have plans to put my armada rail on, but only after I find out if Luke is making that Z2 specific foergrip. Until then, this flawless classic rail with his angle grip mod works well, and is surprisingly comfortable. I may end up getting one of those view loader style front grips to keep it clean of empty air holes. Still needs anodizing of course, but I'm not sure if I want to stay black (to swap out parts if I choose) or go with something that'll pop. I feel something like a Z grip could use bright colors to compliment, or to warn other players.

    No joking, this thing is sonic fast. Put about 500 balls through and no chops. Bolt works great, pneumatics work great, now I'll be trying it out at xtreme paintball in agawam, MA in about three weeks.

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    Jeet yet ?

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