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Thread: Need help identifying and with a price please - Minimag

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    Need help identifying and with a price please - Minimag

    This is sold to a member of the forum! Thanks for everyone's help.

    Hi everyone - first post on the forum.

    I hope you can help. I stopped playing a few years ago, with babies, new business and other boring stuff getting in the way. Used to play with Sosta's lot in the early 00's

    My emag/warp combo left a long time ago, so I decided to dig out my other stuff and see if it might find a better home. I have a minimag, alien splash, with original barrel in mint condition. I am not sure it has cycled more than 5000 times. I also have a 16 inch Armson ported stealth barrel, black and a Retro valve fitted to the minimag. Then a bunch of spares kits, for minimag, retro valve and believe it or not a lvl 10 upgrade kit for emag.

    If anyone can finish the identifying (model minimag??) and help with a price then I can keep to the rules here and ask a fair price on the classifieds board.

    Thanks very much!

    PS. excuse the dirty grips :/
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    Welcome to AO! What a treasure of a marker you've unearthed.

    This is a generation 4 micromag, identified here:

    I'm not sure the value, especially since it has the original valve and a retro valve, but you'll get some more replies here. I'll also ask around. This marker has a few value add things going for it that attract collectors. It will get a lot of attention and can sell quickly.

    The general consensus from the fb groups is $350-450, which sounds about right.

    I consider it a seller's market for mint rare markers right now, so I generally suggest starting on the higher end with a high price. It only takes one buyer afterall. It may take a while to sell, but you can always lower the price.

    You may also start to get blasted with private messages from many users offering to buy it and a price. I'm not sure if you're able to PM yet. You may need to post to a few more threads before it activates. Completely up to you if you accept an offer and work through sale details, though I recommend getting multiple appraisals first before committing to a deal. Stick to payment through PayPal, and don't let anyone gift you the funds. PayPal intends to protect all parties from scamming, but it can't if it's a gifted transaction. Factor in ~3% for PayPal's cut.

    Lastly, no harm in keeping it and going back out to the paintball field. Paintball is a great activity with the kids, assuming they're not still babies. A lot of folks, myself included, are returning from a long hiatus. It may be even more fun for me now than it was back then!

    Cheers. This is a good community if you have any questions about your automag or paintball in general. Hope you stick around, even if you sell off this gem. Good luck!
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    Pretty much just to add to the above. It's a Gen4 Alien Micromag. Price of around $360-380 would be fair for it (considering that both valves will need a full rebuild at around $50). Unfortunately, it's missing the original matching VASA, which are pretty much impossible to find in a matching color scheme. If you're interested in selling it, let me know, I collect Micromags : )

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    Xyxyll's assessment is spot on, especially the part about getting back out there and playing! Good luck either way.

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    Hi Xyxyll

    Thanks for the note, the advice, the assessment and the encouraging words. I played a lot when I could, and I am sure I will get back into it. Looking forward to starting that from scratch when the business settles down, but with an ''adult'' budget . I will stick to mechanicals - had my fair share of electros and where is the romance eh? I think I would like to good long time putting together a custom mag, so I can go to the field show the young 'uns I still got it with my 'dinosaur' marker.

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    Hi Fatalswoop,

    Thanks for chiming in on this - I appreciate it. I will list the whole lot soon - someone will get the armson stealth barrel as a nice bonus, and all the spares kits bits (I have no use for them). I will let you know for sure when I put it up for sale.

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    Cheers Magoman!

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