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Thread: Classic Body rail frame, 8 barrels, ASA's, JT spectra flex8

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    Classic Body rail frame, 8 barrels, ASA's, JT spectra flex8

    -Prices are OBO buy more save more especially if it fits in a prepaid USPS box

    -open to trades for freak inserts

    Automag RT carbon frame with bushing to use with classic mag $30
    Silver ADG classic rail with bushing and twistlock pin $25
    Stainless body shortened right feed polished $20
    RT gas thru grip rough $20
    12 gram adapters $10
    Rando asa's $free with purchase

    Automag pot metal frame with grip panels, no safety *SOLD*
    Sear and axle *SOLD*
    Smart Parts quarter turn on/off dust black *SOLD*
    Caged on/off ASA gloss black *SOLD*
    Rebuilt pure energy adjustable reg black *SOLD*
    Mag vert ASA adapter black *SOLD*
    Mag vert ASA adapter chrome lots of idiot marks *SOLD*
    CP rail mount on/off gloss black *SOLD*
    Shocktech drop *SOLD*
    system x drop *SOLD*
    Stainless body powerfeed left *SOLD*
    Classic Valve lvl 7- worked 100% when last used in July *SOLD*

    14" Smart Parts teardrop spyder threads $10
    12" CP .689 one piece mag mint $15
    14" Dye stainless mag $15
    Partially polished dual detent RT barrel $25

    Stock tippman barrels *SOLD*
    unknown stainless or plated brass not sure automag barrel *SOLD*
    14" stone cold barrel Tippman threads *SOLD*
    11" AGD crown point barrel mag *SOLD*
    10" Dye Boomstick AC threads *SOLD*

    Automag barrels come with O-Rings and your choice of wire or plastic detent

    NEW ITEMS 10/8

    Flex 8 camo lowers $10
    Spectra olive lowers $10
    Dye i3 smoke lens $10
    12" all american automag barrel $15
    Tippman expansion chamber, hose, asa $10
    green grip panels $5
    Tippman split grips $5

    PMI grips *SOLD*
    Skeleton milled grips *SOLD*

    JT vest $5
    Evil pants size M $10
    Redz pack $5
    ACI 2pod $5
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    I want the barrel adapter. Please email me at to discuss

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    Crown point still available? I'm interested. Pm'd

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    PM’ing on the RT CF frame.

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