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Thread: Help me price this gorgeous Mag

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    Help me price this gorgeous Mag

    This one's a little tough to let go of, it's one of the most beautiful markers I've ever owned. I looked through the classifieds to try and find something similar but had no luck. It has a custom body and rail that I knew the names of once upon a time, but cannot remember for the life of me.

    What's a ball park price for this thing? (On a side note, whats the going rate on a nice set of Emag lowers with charger?

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    Beautiful mag! Let's see what other numbers folks chime in with here, but I could see it selling quickly for $550. $575-625 is certainly possible. You could also part it out, as I expect there's interest in each of the main parts:

    X-Valve $200
    Exile body $100-150? Others will know better
    RPG feedneck $65-75
    RPG rail $75-125? Others will know better
    Intelliframe w/ RPG trigger ~$100
    RPG grip $50 (fast) $75 (slow)
    Drop and ASA ~$25, but generally doesn't factor in to a marker's value unless it's a less common ASA.

    Good luck to you!

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    $550-600 tops

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyW View Post
    $550-600 tops

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    Thanks folks, much appreciated!

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    PM sent

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    Curious ... did you sell it yet ?

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