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Thread: Lots of Markers, Barrels, some regs & hoppers

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    Lots of Markers, Barrels, some regs & hoppers

    Everything listed below was at one point the unwanted portion of a bundle purchase I made. None of the markers are tested and I would say that each one needs at least a tune and at most is a project. I don't want to mislead anyone on the condition of the markers so keep that in mind when pricing. Anything electro turns on.
    1: Minimag classic valve PF w/ANS Reg & Venturi Bolt, Tourny lock (Rail and body have been sanded??)
    2: Automag classic valve PF
    3: Minimag Nickle classic valve PF, thumb adjuster
    4: Automag Nickle classic valve RF
    5: E1 (1.06) Vert Feed Cocker
    6: E1 (1.06) Outkast Cocker
    7: Autococker RF hinge
    8: Autococker RF slide
    9: Bushmaster 2k w/eyes
    10: Sheridan P68SC
    11: Micromag body (thread is chewed up under body)
    12: Flatline 3K
    13: Flatline 4.5K
    14: Eblade w/noid,eye (E1, 1.06)
    16: Ion
    Barrels: What's the going rate on a glued/2pc/ultralight boomstick these days. Anything else noteworthy in that mix?
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    Are any of those Revvies the old kind that only take one 9v battery?

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    They all take two 9v batteries

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