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    A long time ago, I had my ULE sent to TAG Sports in Ringgold to have them work their magic. What resulted was an awesome blacked out devilmag. Cut down hyper frame with a predator board with a luke trigger, rogue rail and snatch, drilled ULE with eyes, x-valved, chipley low rise pro feedneck, gadget grip, and a NDZ lightweight on/off. AO shrink wrapped hoses and a 4500 bluish valve flatline.

    The eyes were epoxied and looked terrible. But I've owned many mags, and when that one was on point, it was superb and always a solid shooter.

    I've wanted to see where it ended up for such a long time. Anyone seen this thing? I traded it for a yellow/black acid wash cocker if you were the guy

    Thank's guys, hell I'll pay a finders fee to see pics lol.

    Yeah, that's right!

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    I might have seen it a couple years ago, bigevil was working on a devil mag that I remember had those spotty looking eyes in the ule body.

    Also a pretty fitting post topic, with your total post number

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    do you have pics of what it looked like when you had it last? I have a ULE that was drilled for eyes and has like 2 threaded spots for screws that i think held the eyes in with like plastic washers instead. It was pretty rough when I got it though. Also what kind of Rogue rail? Milled for eye path as well I assume?

    guess I should say I bought it as a gun but everything on it was pretty rough. Best part of it was the morlock/hyperframe internals

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