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Thread: Luke's Customs: Customer Builds

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    I still can't get these things right...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyrate Jim View Post
    I still can't get these things right...
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    Tac One: Luke’s MP90 frame and engraved grip panels, Luke’s Katana Trigger, Luke’s angled VASA, Luke’s H2 Gumshoe 8 rail, Luke’s Sidekick drop, AGD Tac one body, EMag valve, AGD bike grip, planet eclipse gauge, dye airport. (This started out about 12 ish years ago as my first mag bought new from AGD, just a standard Tac One). Anno is all factory anodizing.

    ULE mag: Lukes H2 Teth 8 rail, AGD ULE body, Nummech feedneck, AGD VASA (originally from my TacOne), AGD Intelliframe (originally from my TacOne), CP gas through grip (this will be swapped out along with the vasa for a Lukes carbon fiber fore grip once I receive it in the mail), AGD Yin trigger, CP direct mount on/off asa. Factory anno.

    Emag: Luke’s H2 Teth 9.1 rail, Luke’s Sidekick drop, AGD ULE body, AGD EMag lowers, AGD Xvalve (originally from my TacOne), Inception Designs feedneck, Tunamart Tunablade 2 trigger, CP asa, XMod Beta 1.8, factory anno.

    XMT Carbon Fiber Mag: Luke’s H2 Teth 9.1 rail, Luke’s angled carbon fiber fore grip, XMT carbon fiber ULE body, AGD Xvalve, Nummech N-Mag double trigger frame, Nummech EF trigger, Nummech asa, nummech detents, Nummech feedneck, factory anno.

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