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Thread: Pneumag setup - getting ready to sell and looking for a fair price check

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    Pneumag setup - getting ready to sell and looking for a fair price check

    Hi All,

    It has been a hot minute since I was active here, and a while further since I last went out paintballing... COVID has seriously dampened play in my area.

    Looking to offload a project build I completed a couple years ago and only played with a handful of games. It was more of a nostalgia build than anything else, but worked like a charm on the field. Time to let it go and hopefully find it a new home

    Some relevant details:
    - Chord body + Dallara rail
    - M90 frame with some Tunaman-tuned internals
    - X-valve with all the goodies
    - Luke's grip plates, front grip, and blade trigger.

    Link to a few pictures:

    Appreciate any input folks have. Thanks in advance!

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    Thatís sweet!

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    Pm me when u get a price

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    Already found it a new home. Thanks for the kind words to those who PM'd and replied here

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    Ahh, I've been looking for this Chord. I have its matching RPG foregrip from its past life. It's a beautiful anodize.

    New owner, will you please get in touch with me over PM? Over the past year, I've done an exhaustive search to track the history of each of the Chord v2 bodies, and this one is out of date. My last record for this chord was in 2016. I'd very much like to update its history and give it an official record #.

    Here it is in its former glory:
    Name:  chord-electricblue.jpg
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    That thing is super sick. Too clean to sell if you ask me.

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    I am the new owner and looking to make this beauty whole again. I you have or know who was any of the matching parts, I am more than interested in acquiring.
    Thanks to Xyxyll for the information, I need the following matched ano parts:

    •RPG feedneck
    •Angled VASA
    •RPG foregrip - found
    •Magnus Talon trigger
    •VER frame
    •Barrel (Lapco?)
    •Bob Long Gear Drive ASA

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