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Thread: Vigilante with Pnuemag

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    Vigilante with Pnuemag

    So I was pondering something, I vaguely remember when I was originally building my pnuemag. Is there a way to put a vigilante Reg with a low pressure spring in the vertical adapter and plumb it so that unregulated air goes from the Tank/ASA to the VA or regulator THEN to the Mag regulator and can you have line run through the rail (I had Luke mill my rail for pnuemag) to the gripframe.


    Trying to remember what hair brained idea I had almost 10 years ago... I do know that the only pnuemags I like are sleeper and lpr in foregrip.
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    You could do something like this.

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    This mag uses an Ion regulator as the LPR. One line from the ASA goes to the reg, and a second line goes to the valve. The LP air goes from the reg to the pneumatics through a small hose along the side of the marker, but it would be easy enough to run it through the rail instead.

    Here's another example:

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    This pneumag has the same basic idea, with the Palmer's Fatty Stabilizer as the LPR. Instead of two air lines coming out of the ASA, one line goes to the T attached to the Stabilizer. Most of the air goes up to the valve, but the rest goes into the regulator and comes out the top at 60 psi. Then it goes through the rail to the pneumatics in the frame.
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