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Thread: Emag valve - going full auto when gassed up...

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    Emag valve - going full auto when gassed up...

    Sort of an odd problem here. Old school stainless Emag valve. (with Level 10 installed) When I gas it up in the Emag (even when holding trigger back in mech mode with no battery) it goes full auto as soon as it gets air. This can indicate a worn sear - however this is a *very* low round count Emag (I'm original owner from 2001) and I also have an Xvalve I normally run in the marker and it works fine. In short, don't think it is the sear or the bolt. (bolt is newish as it was swapped out when level was installed - shortly before being put away for 14+ years...)

    Also, have just replaced the Quad oring in the top. (the old one had melted) My valve is a little unusual in that my valve was drilled (by AGD) for ULT so uses the nested orings. It worked fine in the past. The Emag valve also had been used to run a ULT for a while after I got the Xvalve (years ago) so I don't think there is a major issue with the valve. I'm re-configuring from ULT back to Emag as a backup to my Xvalve.

    Finally, the On/Off pin measures at .712.

    Any thoughts? Been out of mags since about 2004 - so its been a while since i had to troubleshoot.


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    Check your reg pin orings.

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    When this happened to me, it was because the reg pin oring on the back-side of the reg seat holder was stuck IN the reg seat holder. I removed it and pushed it into the groove in the rear half of the valve, and it shot fine after that.

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