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Thread: Whats it worth

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    Whats it worth

    I was going through my storage unit and found this in one of my bins. Totally forgot i had this. Whats it worth?
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    Some one has to know something about

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    I saw a gold one sell a couple years ago for $800 and it didn't have the microemag valve. Not sure if the gold color gave it any premium value.

    It's a sellers market for rarer automags, and microemags don't pop up often. If you're patient, I'd aim high and sit on it.

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    Thanks or the info xyxll....I really dont know much about agd all info helps ...if any one can give me any info on this that would be great.....I think I'm looking 2 get rid of it eventually

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    Not sure if this helps or not since it was 6 years ago but I think I ended up selling it stock on eBay for around $550? I think you could get more now for it to the right buyer. You might have a lot more luck with pricing and buyers on the automag BST Facebook group.

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    Add up the sum of the parts. I don't know what lowers are going for, but the older battery is questionable & the 1.37 software is undesirable. The valve is uncommon but not worth much more than a regular emag/retro/rtpro valves, and the body with the emag phlange is slightly more. So i am guess $500 on the extreme "get it out of my sight" price, but i think $700 would be a fair price complete.

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    $700-800, prolly.

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