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Thread: SOLD Automag Classic For Sale Only

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    SOLD Automag Classic For Sale Only


    $200 shipped and PayPal (I pay fees). US shipping only. No trades.

    I picked this up on local Craigslist for parts and something to tinker with over my four day Easter weekend.

    -J&J Ceramic barrel
    -Level 7
    -Matched valve
    -Hardline works, but I removed it to make it easier to work on. The square fitting doesn't have enough taper to seal with teflon tape, and I don't have any dope or loctite to reinstall/seal it.
    -It just needed a cleaning, oil, a regulator seat, and both top on/off o-rings replaced
    -Currently shooting 275-290 fps
    -Includes miscellaneous extra parts/items shown

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