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Thread: Deflator D2 Bodies

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    Deflator D2 Bodies

    I have a few D2 bodies for sale, currently raw but custom anodizing and or full builds are available.

    A few changes were made to the original design shown below

    Name:  D2 Deflator.PNG
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    This design incorporates a hidden sear pin and hidden detent. You can also run a lp airline through the body (From the foregrip slot direct to T-Rex)

    Name:  lc-d2-assembly-parts_orig.jpg
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    Here's a few customer builds with the original design

    Name:  Deflator Atomic b.jpg
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    Name:  ao Walker.jpg
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    Name:  Shawn MCB.jpg
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    Name:  AO Cortexparasite.jpg
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    Name:  Ao big bob.jpg
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    Very slick.

    Damned fine work, sir.

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