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Thread: Z-Grip, WarpFeed, Xvalve Mag...

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    Z-Grip, WarpFeed, Xvalve Mag...

    Or the Z-WF mag… for short…

    The Official Sale Thread. This bad boy was built and tuned by Luke AO a month or two ago. I used it in a scenario game a few weeks back and she performed flawlessly. I’ve decided to go a different route, however.
    Listing for $1000 shipped as you see it (without hopper*)
    Build list below, items with prices next to it are for sale separately if full marker doesn’t go.

    Feel free to ask questions. Can also take more pictures upon request.

    Thanks for looking!

    XMT Left WarpFeed Body/Rail : $300
    Luke’s Z2M Frame : $225
    Luke’s 45* Carbon Fiber Foregrip: $40
    Luke’s Sidekick: $25
    CP on/off ASA
    AGD WarpFeed (Purple): $120
    WGP barrel

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    Sorry for the delay, I haven't been on in ages. Thanks for all the interest.

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