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Thread: Deadlywind Ci #02 Xmag

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    Deadlywind Ci #02 Xmag


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    The journey began in the tent of the Living Legends Paintball Museum in 2014. The prototype body was sitting amongst the craziest, more eclectic paintball markers around.

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    I saw the potential of seeing one finished. I remember the initial reaction was warm at best. Since Arowmic (the designer) created the legendary Karta and Dallara bodies, many people at the event thought it should be much flashier. Any unfinished prototypes always left people wanting more. From the start, I knew I needed to track one down and finish it.

    I met Colin @ Deadlywind that year, but never really spoke about that project. A few years down the line, I got the bug to create and sent him an email asking for some info. The "Ci" bodies were STD euro bodies that were milled by Colin. Unfortunately, they had a few cnc issues that let the bodies sit in a box in storage for many years. We struck a deal and he sent me over Ci #02 in the mail. And yes, I tried... every #1, karta, dallara, chord, ci, are owned by Colin and yes, he will be buried with his collection.

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    The body and concept sat for a few years while I got married and built up the family and home. I always knew I wanted to integrate the logo into the design. I knew it was going to be Gloss Blue and Black. I sent a few guns over to Arc Anodizing and started the process of finishing up the very first Ci. I decided I wanted to add some of Deadlywinds barrels into the design, as well as their logo. I threw it into Illustrator and created a quick design that could be media blasted over the grips. I always loved the "tattoos" when people media blast over parts.

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    In the design, I was trying to capture motion, always pointing the gun forward and making sure the deadlywind logo could be seen while a right handed player walks the trigger.

    Arc Anodizing was a great company to work with and he kept it under wraps for me during the Covid-19 year. It was a strange time last March/April and we had a few set backs with shipping during that time. Luckily, everything came out great.

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    I had it for a while, but work and buying a new house got in the way. It was a really fun build and i'm glad Colin and I were able to work out a deal so we can show off what this concept could become. I know at least 1 other body floating out there and I can't wait to see what he comes up with.

    Thanks for reading!!

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    Bravo! Looks absolutely stunning. The styling may be slightly subtle but it still has that Deadlywind je ne sais quoi.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bunny View Post
    The "Ci" bodies were STD euro bodies that were milled by Colin. Unfortunately, they had a few cnc issues that let the bodies sit in a box in storage for many years.
    Sooooo, there's more DW Ci's in a box!?
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    Awesome build, I really dig the grips. Thanks for sharing.

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    Great job! I always enjoy your builds.

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    Is it over the line to ask for a side by side picture with a stock cnc xmag next to it?

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    Which detents are those that you used?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbtamu1011 View Post
    Which detents are those that you used?
    looks like stock angel lcd detents.

    Bunny that came out awesome!! I really like what you did with the grips.
    Awesome build and worthy of an archive post for sure.

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    Bunny definitely has a lock on putting together the most wonderful toys...

    First I was like "what? a stock battery pack?" and now the more I look at it, definitely the right choice. It's so smooooooth...
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