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Thread: Smart Parts splash rail (pump milled) and site rail

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    Smart Parts splash rail (pump milled) and site rail

    Curious about the value of these splash rail/site rails as separate pieces (they don't match). The rail is pump milled from the factory.

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    Let me know if you will sell just rail. I have some pieces that match that blue/black/gold pattern
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    The rail is probably from Smart Parts original Gold Line splash series, and the sight rail from their later Blue Splash pattern.

    I'd put the rail around $50 - a bit more than your standard $30 black AM/MM rail. Pump milling is a nice feature but not really a value kicker.

    Can't quite tell the condition of that sight rail but figure $30-40 is fair. Or list it on ebay and maybe find a sucker at $75.
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