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Thread: E-LCD Automag Morlock MK3 Upgrade

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    E-LCD Automag Morlock MK3 Upgrade

    I have an Automag with X-Valve, ULT, and a Booyah E-LCD that previously had a Scenario Dreams T-Board that recently died. So after failing to find another T-Board I was tipped off to try a Morlock MK3 board. I just got everything setup and in theory working correctly. Once I clean up the wiring I'll hook up a Magna Loader RF module and Warp Feed Intellifeed cable. Currently I've just been running my Automag on the weekends with a standard AGD double trigger. I also attached pictures for any interested.
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    Jeet yet ?

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    I miss when everyone used to make custom stuff like this. Bravo.

    SO 8ms dwell ? I thought I was crazy setting my hyperframes and variants @10ms. Any higher seems to slow them down.

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    Finally got things programmed, cleaned up, and hooked up. I'm having issues with the RF transmitter, but everything else is working. Too bad the micro switch for the trigger is worn out and needs to be replaced otherwise I would have used it this weekend. I'm also surprised how low I had to set the eyes to reliably read the field paint where I play. I had it set to 14 or 15 with APX paint, but the G.I. Sportz 1-Star required me to lower it to 11. So once I get things ready again I'll see how these settings hold up.
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    So after being dumb and frying my first board by doing soldering at 4am and then waiting an eternity for replacement parts due to part shortages. I finally finished up this project and even gave it some love in the sand blaster to make more the of mismatched parts match better. I may hit some of these parts a few more times in the sand blaster to get a better match, but I'm itching to move on to my next project.

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    Dont waste your time with the eyes. Somebody alot smarter than all of us figured out that all you need is a L10. Eyes went out with the dinosaur for mags long ago.
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    I agree, but I added the anti-cop eye to make my setup more similar to an Xmag. Also, this past weekend during a match the anti-cop eye prevented my marker from firing which altered me to dead batteries in my Halo. I've been using dual rechargeable 9.6v batteries in my Halo for the past 18 months and I think they are end-of-life since I fully charged them two days prior. Other than that edge case the anti-cop eye is pretty useless as I have been running this setup with an intelliframe and only had a chop of two when the batteries in the warp feed were low.

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