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Thread: Mogul is up for sale on the site

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    Mogul is up for sale on the site

    I've finally added Mogul up for sale on the website.
    It is advertised here on first
    It is available directly from the site, but no so easy to find.
    If it doesn't sell shortly, I'll post it up more places.
    Link in bottom of post.

    Fully Restored Emag with brand new E-mag valve serial#00045 in tribute to our 45th president of the United States the gun is named "Mogul" after his secret service name. Love him or hate him #45 was definitely a memorable force in the political arena.

    Fully refinished and/or restored parts of the gun:
    Grip frame with stock black grip covers.
    Battery casing
    Solenoid and Emag board electronics with XMOD 1.8 installed.
    Emag Rail - jewels included but not installed to protect from loss
    Smart Parts stainless steel Freak back with red front and blue .689 insert.

    Brand new components on the gun:
    ULE body
    Lukes Customs feed neck
    Emag valve serial#EM00045 with level 10 bolt and complete 11 carrier set.
    Brand new 20v 800mah battery
    Stainless sight rail
    Inceptions EZ ASA with CCM fitting to valve.
    Clear acrylic grip frame covers for display purposes.

    Gun is finished in a full custom USA flag Cerakote ceramic gun finish.
    Cerakote is well know for its extremely durable finish quality, far exceeding anodize.
    Smart parts back is stainless steel and the front is original anodize from Smart parts.

    CHARGER INCLUDED: Full functioning Refurbished charger also Included with 12volt charging cable.
    Customer will still need to supply their own 120 volt wall converter.

    Price includes Insured shipping to CONUS only.
    Gun cannot be shipped outside of the USA.
    Please select any shipping option.
    Added shipping costs in the shopping cart will be adjusted out before finalizing and shipping.

    AGD is in the house!
    Custom gun builds. All the parts. New Website. Factory Service available!

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    Sweet baby Jesus that makes my Patriotic blood sing! Beautiful - just like America. Unfortunately, I'm not in the market after buying some real steel and ammo recently.
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    Nice job!!

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    Jeet yet ?
    Wow very nice !

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    Don't forget the c-clip for the solenoid plunger!
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    Priced higher for Commies.

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    Jeet yet ?
    Status: (Out of Stock)

    That didnt take long...

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    Quote Originally Posted by going_home View Post
    Status: (Out of Stock)

    That didnt take long...

    Not surprised. I'm not personally a fan of "busy" anno jobs, but even I thought that thing looked amazing.

    So who bought it? Not me. I'm not rich enough for something that nice. Most I've every spent on a marker is $600 for my ULE mag ten years ago.

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