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    Red v.e.r.-mag

    -Players marker! I Tried to get all the blems as best I could with an 04 nikon digital camera but there are a lot of scratches/marks on the frame/body/rail/site-rail. The RED ule body is definitely faded and missing anno near barrel (not very visible with barrel on.) also has a lot of scratches on body/feeneck area.

    -Site rail is red, but has had some DIY ano-repair with either a paint pen or nail polish..probably an attempt to prevent damage...but the red on the siterail in the pics isn't MS paint doodle...its the repair and best i could get of it. There is also some damage near the rear of the site rail mid way up...also had the DIY non paintmatched.

    -Red bike grip is red wine in color..very dark and hard to capture in the photos.

    -Operation: I aired it up and it leaked like a mahf from the macros in the foregrip/VASA. I then ran the macro from valve to the bottle asa and it held air and operated just fine. may just need new orings in the front two macros, or replace them entirely with newer CCM fittings.I do have a video on my phone I'll try and get up later

    -V.E.R. frame has dummy marks near trigger, trigger pin slides in and out pretty easy, and the trigger return itself is very sloppy. i was going to add a spring behind trigger for better return, maybe you have magnets to add to the top but either way its way too sloppy for my liking.

    xvalve w/ lvl10 and ult

    900 obo shipped and paypal'd/ cheaper if you dont want the valve. wont part unless everything spoken for!

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