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Thread: Gloss Pewter Shocktech SFL Emag

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    Gloss Pewter Shocktech SFL Emag

    Well, I guess it could be time. I've held onto this for quite some time and just don't get to use it as much as I want and figured this may help progress towards a house down payment.

    I'm sure everyone on here is more in the know than me, but I believe these dated back to around 2001 and roughly 35 were made. Everything still works great including the board.

    Looking for $3,900. Not interested in any trades.

    Please post and message if interested. Please no flaming on the price. If it doesn't sell, I won't be upset.

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    Saw your post on the FB. Gloss pewter #EM01441 with clamping feedneck conversion and Shocktech 2.1 software. I've already got mine so good luck selling! It's definitely a unicorn 'Mag for many. Just be kind and patient with potential buyers that may need some time to move around/find the extra scratch - I wouldn't have obtained mine otherwise.
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    is the Shocktech SFL Emag Still Available May Get Soon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr2k S2n View Post
    is the Shocktech SFL Emag Still Available May Get Soon?
    it sold.

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