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Thread: The Dream Trio

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    The Dream Trio

    -2002 Angel LCD (unfortunately had to be upgraded to the pred board since the original battery was fried) Rebuilt by TheAngelGuy
    -98 Kapp Autococker with LPR Built by Red
    -2002? Emag (lvl 7 Xmod 1.8) Built my Tuna

    I finally completed my trio of markers. The latest addition was the Emag built by Tuna. It's nothing particularly special (lvl 7 with Xmod 1.8), but that's how I wanted it. I wanted the E-mag as I remembered it from one of my teammates playing with back in 2002.

    To me, these were THE top 3 guns from my hay-day.

    A brief history:
    -Started paintball in 2001 using a Brass Eagle Talon
    -Upgraded to a Piranha Pro
    -Upgraded to an Automag with splash kit
    -Last upgrade was to an Angel LCD

    I used to play competitive paintball back in 2001-2003 when I was younger. My Angel was my tournament, and only, gun. Originally from Tulsa, OK - we would travel around to play tournaments in Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas.
    The next time I would play would be in 2015 when we went for a friends bachelor party.
    I was immediately hooked again. Only this time I could reasonably pay for all of those top of the line markers I used to ogle at back in the day.
    I began to play competitively again for a couple of tournaments here in Houston with an Ego 11. However, I realized I mostly enjoyed getting to shoot my dinosaurs and just enjoying a fun day outdoors.
    The difficulty would be finding the ones I deemed quality enough that hadn't been run into the ground, but yet weren't just wall hangers.

    I'm proud to say that all of my guns are "playing guns." Each trip to the field, they all get to stretch their legs.

    It's amazing the heads that turn when you bring out guns that are older than a lot of the competition you're playing against. Or you hear guys saying "I haven't seen one of those in years!" Typically the sound of the autococker is very unique.

    I managed to find my old jersey as well.

    Anyways, enjoy!
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    Very nice!
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    Very nice. Glad I could help. Now get your ass to Tunaball in June!
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    That's a clean E-Mag! And the Groovy frame on that KAPP is so fitting.
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