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Thread: XValve / Lv10 / Spare parts

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    XValve / Lv10 / Spare parts

    I haven't played in 10 years. So I will slowly get rid of all my stuff. Begining with the X Valve.

    - XValve (Scratch under it, other than that pretty as much new. I used the valve for about 3 years, maybe 4-5 games per year. Haven't aired it for 10 years).
    - Lv10 was tuned like a charm when I used it. Comes with the complete kit.
    - The standard bolt that came with the XValve is included
    - Spare bumpers
    - 2 Spare Parts Kits. One is opened, the other is sealed. I can't remember if I took someting out of the opened kit.
    - 3 On-Off pins

    Asking $USD275 + shipping. I'm in Canada, will ship anywhere. For shipping, I have a job account with decent pricing. We can work through it and see what's the best deal.

    Payment method is Paypal, friends/family or fees to be added.

    That's about it. Feel free if you have any question!

    Link to my AO FeedBack

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