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Thread: Luke's Single trigger Invert Mini Frame with Bee Hive Grip

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    Luke's Single trigger Invert Mini Frame with Bee Hive Grip

    I fell in love with that grip when Luke annonced it. And it would have been perfect for the EP Mag project, but I have to face the fact that I have no time to put into custom projects anymore.
    As you can see the grip is brand new.

    - 1 Mini Vert Single Trigger Frame
    - 1 Bee Hive Grips

    Sold Asking $USD275 + shipping. I'm in Canada, will ship anywhere. For shipping, I have a job account with decent pricing. We can work through it and see what's the best deal.

    Payment method is Paypal, friends/family or fees to be added.

    That's about it. Feel free if you have any question!

    Link to my AO FeedBack

    Name:  Invert-Mini-Frame-1.jpg
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    Name:  Invert-Mini-Frame-2.jpg
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    These are sweet frames.

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