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Thread: Intelliframe Pneumag

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    Intelliframe Pneumag


    Pneumag frame I built a while back in an Intelliframe. Never had any issue with it. I ran it with an XValve and the standard On/Off (ULT not needed).

    The bracket for the valve is an aluminium plate I fiberglassed into the frame, light and strong!

    It comes with what you see in the pictures. The grip has some minor scratches and the chroming on the drop has some bumps.

    Asking $USD150 + shipping. I'm in Canada, will ship anywhere. For shipping, I have a job account with decent pricing. We can work through it and see what's the best deal.

    Payment method is Paypal, friends/family or fees to be added.

    That's about it. Feel free if you have any question!

    Link to my AO FeedBack

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    I'll nab it. PMing.

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