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Thread: There comes a time when you have to put the marker down.

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    There comes a time when you have to put the marker down.

    Long time lurker, occasional poster.

    Been playing since the mid-90's.

    Still have the first marker I bought with my own money, a Tippman Mini-Lite with the factory power feed adaptor and J&J Brass barrel.

    I have a modest collection of Mags, couple classic RT's, a fairly standard X-Valve ULT build, a Tequila Sunrise E-Mag and Black-Purple Fade X-Mag.

    A couple of the more exotic mags I own are two Luke's builds. One Pneumag Deflator and one of the new Wave Pneumags.

    I also have what I was told once upon a time ago was the first Pewter X-Valve to be shipped with a Pewter Body as part of the "Go ReTro" upgrade program, and I have owned it since it landed in my lap fresh from AGD.

    One of the coolest things I made was a Carbon Fiber Mag with a single trigger Benchy frame, CF foregrip, a DW CF Barrel and a nice Luke's Body. Weighs in at 2 pounds 1 ounce with an insert in the barrel.

    I made it for myself since I have had 3 shoulder rebuilds and need another soon. Figured the lighter weight would do me good, and it did.

    I have just reached the point where I can't take a snap shot as easily as I did once upon a time ago, my stupid arm does not want to work, and it is just time to see what someone else can do with it.

    This is the marker I am putting down, well, to be more fair, passing on to someone new.

    A friend of mine has a son who is getting more interested in the sport that his father and I bonded over.

    Passing this fine specimen of a marker on to a new owner on Saturday.

    Pay it forward. This silly sport will die unless we get new folks to replace us!

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    Jeet yet ?
    Too bad so sad .

    You will be back if you are still physically able at some point

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    Massively awesome of you. You're a stand up guy.

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    That one went to a good home. I hope he enjoys the sport as much as you both have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by captian pinky View Post
    That one went to a good home. I hope he enjoys the sport as much as you both have.
    The kiddo went to Chrono for the first time. We told him one clearing shot, then one over the chrono.

    15 shots later.....smiles all around!

    When I handed it to him, I said there was a problem with it, that it was his problem now.

    He was a happy fellow.

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    This is what I brought with me marker-wise.

    Loaned out the purple deflator to a player from a private group who had an ancient generic stacked tube blow back what wouldn't recock.

    He was grinning from ear to ear after playing with it all day!
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