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Thread: MM2k9 Body, E-Mag UL Lower/Rail Solenoid/Board Luke custom lpr more

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    MM2k9 Body, E-Mag UL Lower/Rail Solenoid/Board Luke custom lpr more

    Sell all together or part out individual items. Make offer for all or single items. PM question or offers. Ready for immediate shipping.

    1. MM2k9 raw body w swivel breach and black Asa adapter. 200/BO
    2. Spare black breach MM2k9 breach piece no detent or feedback holes machined in it yet. $40/bo
    3. Qty 2 Proteam micro mag vanity plates and qty 4 battery top covers. SOLD
    4. New E-Mag solenoid, Reflex emag board and Hall effect sensor. $220/BO
    5. Miscellaneous gun bodies $20 each or all 6 for $75
    6. Shock tech automag back valve, agd asa, cocker threaded automag body insert to covert automag twist lick barrel to cocker threaded barrel. 25 each or all 3 for SOLD
    7. Luke’s custom lpr fire grip. $75/bo
    8. Nummech miniGS VXL frame new w battery board, cover and instructions $SOLD
    9. Rap4 adjustable co2 tank butt stock. $15/bo
    10. Misc gun grips for dye matrix, bob long protege, so shocker, eclipse ego6. $5 each or all pictured for $15
    11. Misc feedneck tubes $10 each.
    12. Misc asa adaptors/regulators. $10 each or all 4 pictured for $20
    13. Emag lower Frame with hall effect sensor, w/o battery pack(no Battery). $180/bo
    14. Emag UL black rail (completely hollowed out and super lightweight) $80/BO
    15. Emag Pewter empty battery pack casing SOLD
    16. Emag custom short front battery casing (was made for project gun to house lpr or 9v solenoid setup) SOLD

    PM anything question or offers. Same day shipping.

    Price drop on all items changed 10-19-22

    Price drop on remaining items 11-4-22
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    Posting pics for the seller.

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    Is that an Xmag body?

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    Quote Originally Posted by unwittyname1886 View Post
    Is that an Xmag body?

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    Any of this available still?

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