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    RT Pro help

    Hey guys are there any videos of an RT pro disassembled or an exploded view on re assembly? After unscrewing the back portion (velocity regulator I believe itís called) is there supposed to an o-ring in the hole there? (I donít have one here)

    On the front where the regulator valve assembly there is a circular brass piece with 4 notch cut outs, is there supposed to be an o-ring seated into the middle of that brass piece? (I have an o ring here) and which way should that brass piece be facing? (4notches be facing the velocity reg.)

    I watched the old classic RT disassembly video and looks like the small brass piece is flip around than how I have it in my gun. But I also have a exploded view of an x-valve which seems to be more accurate to what I have which shows itís in correct.

    Iím just getting back into all this and my gun been sitting for a while. Appreciate your guys help

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    Edit: AGD hooked me up, this is better

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AGD X Valve Exploaded View.jpg 
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    Ok from what I can tell from this picture I believe mine is correctly setup

    Thanks Luke

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    But dont put the oring in that brass piece. Put it in the back half of the reg body.
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