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Thread: Modern Takes on Some Classics

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    Cool Modern Takes on Some Classics

    Figure I'll show off a few of my builds and tease on a few things yet to come as I try and get all my gear ready for 2023.

    Silver Phantom:
    Circa 2017-2018
    Palmer Stablizer
    Oompa Loompa wooden grips
    Custom folding stock off ebay a decade or more prior.

    Acid Wash Phantom:
    All CCI Parts except Sticky 3
    Circa 2006 all parts replaced except frame + FCG in 2017-2018.

    Sheridan PGP:
    2016 eBay Purchase
    Sent to Palmer's for valve, CO2 cap, wedge-it detents & nickel-plating

    Empire Sniper:
    STI 10 Round Feed (Often Run this with my Halo instead & a 45ci tank)
    Inception Designs 45 slide frame and pump kit + hitman mod.
    CCM SS25 Valve
    Titanium Hammer Kit
    Palmer's Stabilizer
    TechT Venturi Bolt
    Dye Sticky 3

    Dye DMC:
    Carbon Fiber Orange Bolt
    Hyper 3
    UL Frame

    In the works:
    Luke's Customs Pneumag, X Valve / Lvl 10 with XMT CF Body
    Second Dye DMC (Blue) with UL Frame and Custom Morlock MK3 Board.

    All Barrels except Dye CF Boomstick and PGP accept freak inserts of which I have a stainless steel full set.

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    The Pneumag needs tuning and the macro-line leaks, but it does cycle!
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