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Thread: RT Pro center feed with twist lock smartparts freak

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    RT Pro center feed with twist lock smartparts freak

    Hi, I currently have a RT pro stainless steel body center feed (stovepipe) and center twist lock smart parts freak barrel. How much are these two items worth? Iím debating on either cutting the stove pipe shorter or selling both and buying ULE body and new barrel and paying the difference. I appreciate any feedback!


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    The stainless bodies are weird, IMO. Some people use them to build period correct builds. A few like to use them as is, most use them as wall ha gers. So price is more dictated to what someone will pay for one, when they need it/want it. I can't give a price on it as I never paid much attention to that market. Went from a powered body to a ULE as soon as I could.

    Twistlock centerfold freaks are a bit of a unicorn, or maybe better put, a platypus. Not necessarily rare, but they tend to fetch a higher price, since they have a few strikes against them. 1 being they are twist lock and 2, they are for centerfold bodies only(IIRC, you could cut a right left hole to make them universal but I never seen one in the wild, like that).

    You are best, IMHO, of keeping the 2 together. While you might find individuals that would buy both separately, one piece would definitely stay longer with you. I would sell as a set. Price together start high and accept the best price you can. You may get a trade for a ULE body but who knows. I never really paid to what the going prices are. So $200 for them both? That's a real crap shoot guess.

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    $150 dollars if you can get it.

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    Cool, thanks for the reply guys. I think selling them together is a good idea since I wonít be able to use the twist lock anyways.

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