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Thread: What upgrades for classic mag

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    What upgrades for classic mag

    I have a classic automag with a MPM stock and a gas through front for me grip

    Am looking to bring this into this century - want to at least to a body that is autococker threaded and also for a double trigger - what else do I need to do

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    Intelli frame and a ule body will fit that bill then

    At some point maybe move to an x valve

    At that point, evaluate how much of your paycheck you actually need to live from and consider private lable stuff

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    Thanks - what does the x valve give ? Not looking for a bounce trigger just a lighter smoother action

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    Intelliframe or the newer Xframe from AGD

    RT on/off - this will lighten the trigger a bit without giving you a bouncy or better put, a more reactive trigger

    ULE body, enough said.

    While the xvalve or ReTro, or RTpro, Emag is an upgrade, no doubt, it is a rather expensive one. If you change out the on/off it will give you exactly what you are looking for while keeping your old valve.

    You can get away with an adapter like one from Doc Nickel's that still uses the twisted keyboard body but is made to accept cocker barrels. Cheaper than a ULE, especially if you are looking for a specific coloir of body,

    If you go with a ULE body ,I would advise a clamping feedneck. Makes life much easier to deal with.

    You never said if you are running HPA or not. I can assume, but you never know. Likewise with HPA, on/off ASAs are near a must. Simple ones like from CP are great, being able to turn off your air to degas the gun is near essential. You can take this up to the more expensive POPs ASA or my choice the EZ on/off from Inception Designs.

    You never mentioned barrels, as well. With paint getting smaller and less constant on size(one week it is .683, the next it is .675, for example), a multi bore barrel is near a must. Freak bore is near enough the standard and the older yet still very usable SP freak barrels are cheap enough, or going super expensive with multi bore barrel kits.

    Loaders, another unknown quantity. If you are keeping your stock valve but cleaning it up, as it were, you do not need to change out loaders. While force-fed loaders(literally take your pick), do a great job of making sure paint always gets into the breech, if you aren't shooting 12bps+, there is really no need to upgrade it. It is works, do not fix it. Of course this is coming from someone with a 26y/o og 12 volt review.

    But glad you are coming back. The important thing is to have fun again. Don't get intimidated with all these new fangled whiz-bang new God guns. It still takes one ball break to get them out.

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