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Thread: SFL breach!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by luke View Post
    but my time isn't free, that's all, no more no less..
    Quote Originally Posted by BigEvil View Post
    I have the logo file.. for you it is FREE
    Guess you have a bunch of free time now, huh?

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    It's comical the two of you believe that's some kind of dig, and that I wanted or even needed the job. Keep trying boys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nobody View Post
    Guess you have a bunch of free time now, huh?
    TROLL much??? You posted this just to try and start something with Luke. Its clear you don't like him for some reason so do yourself a favor and stay away. Go back to being bored or get another hobby besides TROLLING. Try and be smart for a change. DO NOT clutter this thread with another useless post or a reply. It will be removed along with a time out.

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    so can i get that file? lol

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