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Thread: The Triggernomics collection

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    The Triggernomics collection

    Dan is coming back to the US and we have been working on shipping his collection over here. We are also going to have a Triggernomics Display at Bill Bailey's Museum Tent at Living Legends at Hells Survivors, MI. on May 18 - 21

    As of right now, all 8 finished (still missing the MicroMag) guns will be there. We've talked to Tom and he is allowing his Triggernomics #1 to come. If someone want's to help with getting Tom's mag to LL, we would be much appreciated. I trust the mail but I'd rather not need the stress getting his mailed to me.

    Right now the biggest road block is shipping 4 paintball guns out of Germany to the US... which is more of a pain in the ass than that sentence should be.

    Bunny, Myself and Dan are currently the ones that will be in attendance from AO. Hoping to bump that number

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    Wish i could but i know i absolutely will not be able to. The little one is due to arrive the week before.

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