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    Current Masks

    Hey, all. What are people liking for masks these days? I have my pro flex from early 2000. Considering replacing the worn out foam, strap, and lens, but thatís basically the entire thing. I might like a little more neck coverage. My job wouldnít be too fond of a roundish purple bruise on my neck. Didnít know if people are repairing or replacing, etc.

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    I run a push unite these days and I'm extremely happy with it the guy who made it really put a lot of thought into it. I've talked to him and he actually designed or was part of the team behind the dye I-5 as well left eye just before it's released so he pulled a lot of his experience from that

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    I still wear my flex. I did pick up the carbon mask recently and it is nice. The thing i really like about them is the lenses.

    If it needs a lense, strap and foam it may be worth buying a new one. They are not as flexible as the old ones though.

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    JT Proshield. It does the job well at half the cost.

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    Profiler picked up a couple of Grillz for backups because they were on sale. But over the last 20 years Iíve tried almost everything and they are just easier with great vis and work well with my friends who wear glasses.

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    I prefer a mask with more coverage so I've been using the Vforce Shield since 2005 or so. Covers more of my big face/head and has a drop-down neck guard. Uses the same lenses as the Profiler and there are still a few kicking around if parts are needed. Also as Punk said above, they work great with glasses.
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    Still love my Grillz, but the BK CMD has been good for me too.

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