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Thread: 10 O'Clock X advice ?

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    10 O'Clock X advice ?

    I know the 10'oclock X's were a misfire of what, but are they considered collectible/more valuable than a standard X valve? Have one from a build that I parted out and debating whether to sell it or keep it and sell another regular X.


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    I wouldnt say they are more valuable. It is a standard valve that just lasered in a slightly different location.

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    Eh? What is valuable? Others here will know if they were a factory defect/accident, but it can work better in some bodies and not so well in others. I would keep it only for the fact that Xvalves on the secondary market are rare now and finding a newer one is rather difficult.a trade plus cash should get you some results but why, you are not getting anything better by doing so. Keep the uniqueness and known quanity of what you have and be happy.

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