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Thread: Shatner Event - Told the Paintball Story!

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    Shatner Event - Told the Paintball Story!

    Went to an event here in Indy - they were showing Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan with a session featuring Shatner himself. He rambled here and there - different stories about movies, TV shows etc. And then... he started talking about Shatnerball. Specifically, his assassination of Tom Kaye by faking a heart attack. There was at least one other person in the audience tonight that knew of the event or was there, because when he couldn't remember Tom's name, we both shouted it out.

    Good memories of paintball long ago - shared with a bunch of fans.

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    I was never able to get to those Shantnerball games. I wish there was a game similar to it now but there doesn't seem to be.

    I barely knew of Shanternball at the time. Really didn't play organized games until the AONewEngland 4 Game at Capecod PB.
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    It's funny to me to see this here. Was telling some people at work about paintball in the early 2000's, and specifically referenced Shatnerball. I was working the event as both a ref and running the airstation, wished I could have played in it but at least being there for it and meeting everyone was awesome enough. Got feeling nostalgic and decided to see if AO was still active, and this is the first thread I see.

    I still have the DVD somewhere, along with my lanyards and badges autographed by Shatner, Tom Kaye, and Mancow.

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