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Thread: Finished my first from scratch mag build.

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    Finished my first from scratch mag build.

    I got back into automags about a year ago after a bear started getting into my trash can and dragging it all over my lawn at night. Its had been probably 18 years since I had owned a marker, but got to thinking about buying one to help solve the bear problem. Back when I was a broke kid, we all played woodsball with your standard tippman 98 custom and spyder type markers, but I had always wanted an automag, which at the time was way out of my budget.

    I got out of paintball about the time electronics came into play, and still don't much care for those types as they don't have the 'cool' factor, at least not to me, when compared to a fully pneumatic mechanical marker that still can put out a I started buying parts and over the last 6 months put together this guy.

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    RT Valve, Level 10 Bolt
    CP Direct Mount On/Off ASA
    ULE Body
    Inception Designs FLE Feedneck w/ low mount adapter
    Inception Designs Stella Barrel, Freak Insert
    AGD vertical ASA and whatever rubber grip that is

    Only thing I'm missing that I'd maybe like to add is an old AGD ying or yang trigger, if anyone were to have one laying around they'd be willing to part with. I still need to pick up a hopper that will keep up and am thinking one of the original dye rotors.

    Now that it is 'finished' I'll be starting the tuning with the goal being to turn it into a RT machine gun.


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    Ok, well now its finished. I was going to buy a standard dye rotor, but the shiny colors plus the matching grey got me.

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    Nice work! Looks good.

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