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Thread: Barrels, feak insets, autococker parts, Tiberius mags, Cyborg oring

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    Barrels, feak insets, autococker parts, Tiberius mags, Cyborg oring

    If you have questions or need more pictures email me at
    I take paypal, money order and check but will place a hold on mo and checks.
    Prices does not include shipping cost, the minimum I charge for shipping and handing will be $4.50. The shipping does not include insurance, if you want it insured there will be an extra fee. I mainly ship through USPS. I am not responsible for non delivery, all the package I have shipped have been received by the buyer. All I can provide is the tracking number.

    $15 for each pump arm
    $15 for Karnivor velocity tool
    $12 for timing rod
    Sold $10 for the AKA cupseal sold
    $8 for the IVG
    $15 for the delrin 11/16 valve and cupseal - not sure if that's the right cupseal for the valve

    $15 for each Cyborg oring kit

    $20 for the micro lines and fitting
    $50 for Dye Dam ultralight stock
    $10 for Dam foregrip
    Sold $15 for Tiberis .1 asa sold
    $5 for the black Tiberius trigger
    $10 for all the T8 grey parts

    Sold $10 stock Defender barrel, uses freak insets sold
    $35 for stock Defender stock barrel with Apex2 tip, uses freak inserts
    $10 for Apex tip
    $7 for each freak aluminum or SS inserts
    Sold 675 679 680 sold
    $20 for each Stella back, cocker thread

    $40 for the box of cocker electronic parts, the eblade eyes are not working. Assume they are not working and for parts.

    80 for each Tiberius extension mags
    25 for the non Tiberius extension mags
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