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Thread: Any Emags out there??

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    Any Emags out there??

    Hello. I知 looking to buy (WTB) an Emag. I知 not too particular on color etc. I just want it to be working and in decent shape/condition. Anyone got an E mag they might want to sell? Please respond here or email/message me (or both) and we can work something out. Thanks.

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    I have an eMag that’s about 90% there. I had it firing just fine last fall, but needed one more carrier smaller to tune the L10 just right. I haven’t shot it since due to “life.” I could dust it off and finish the tune in a week or two if interested. I planned to sell it anyway, just haven’t had a lot of spare time.

    Here’s the summary:
    1. Early humpback lowers with DBL trigger and 1.37 software.
    2. Polished T/L emag body (passenger side feed)
    3. J&J ceramic T/L barrel
    3. Older battery that still holds charge (no charger included).
    4. Stainless eMag valve.
    5. Stock eMag rail.

    Here’s what I did:
    1. Bought the correct length on/off pin
    2. Bought the correct quad o-ring for the on/off
    3. Valve rebuild (including regulator piston)
    4. New Safety
    5. New hall trigger sensor
    6. New magnets
    7. New T/L barrel o rings and detent
    8. Swapped LCD screen
    9. New gold bolt spring
    10. Deep cleaned it

    Here’s what it comes with:
    1. Full L10 carrier set
    2. All parts listed above including barrel
    3. Center inlet ASA (no on/off)
    4. Drop forward of your choice from my gear bag

    The gun has typical play wear including the classic stainless line rub on the battery back (sigh). I’d give 7.5/10 for that reason. If intrigued, pm an email and I’ll send some picks. I still have a feedback thread from my buy/fix/sell days. I’ve been dusting off the gear to woods ball with my sons that are just old enough.

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    Hi. I知 definitely interested. I messaged you.

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    Hi. I messaged you and left my email address so you can get back to me. I知 definitely interested for sure. Sorry if I messaged you more than once, I知 still getting used to this board and can稚 tell if the messages went through or not lol. My apologies if I did.

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