WTB: (Want To Buy) Belsales Rex hammer kits and roller sears and other misc. and older parts!
Hello. Im looking for Belsales Rex hammer kits and Belsales roller sears
Also, mad man spring kits or other very good spring kits with low pressure springs and trigger/sear springs.
Also kapp twisted cocking rods and kapp 15 degree (forward bent) ergo vertical ASAs
STO and shocktech rams
Oracle 3-ways
Ergo inline regs
Palmers rock and micro rock LPRs
P&P paintball polished chrome 45 trigger frame (single finger slide) and P&P paintball polished chrome trigger plate
Straight pump arms of Amy manufacturer (though AKA preferred) and threaded timing rods of any manufacturer (though lapco preferred)
I know this is a long exhaustive list and I know some of these parts are quite old and vintage/rare now and hard to find. I definitely know that. Im not exactly expecting someone to have all of this stuff or anything. I just figured Id post everything that I am looking for and whatever items anyone does happen to have, Ill buy as many as you got. Thanks